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    Blackout Blog — dan harmon

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    Sarah Silverman & Doug Harmon enjoy BlackoutX for #GettingDoug

    Dan Harmon is back!  "Community" was saved by Yahoo! So his humor will live on.  We like Dan's freestyle rap on #GettingDoug.  He was joined by Sarah Silverman, Howard Kremer of very funny "who charted", Ngaio Bealum who one-upped with a sick freestyle rap, James Adomian who is a mad crazy impersonator and our favorite high host Doug Benson.  Watch it here from the Largo Los Angeles


    "Community" saved by Yahoo!

    We were waiting with bated breath for @CommunityTV's 6th season to unveil after NBC canceled the show.  Thankfully, it was saved by Yahoo with creative juices flowing again from @DanHarmon.  We love Dan's humor and want to be inside his very funny brain.  We shared our new Blackout X Refillable Disposable vaporizer pen on "Getting Doug with High" which lead to a not-to-be-missed freestyle rap.  Thanks for enjoying our company and our stuff Dan; let's build a happy community one laugh at a time. Read More Here...