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    Blackout Launches All New "Doggie Dabber" Vaporizer


    We are extremely pleased to announce we will now be offering a product line tailored specifically to the canine marijuana industry. The Blackout Doggie Dabber will ensure that your furry friend will stay hungry, happy, and medicated throughout the day.

    The canine marijuana industry has already seen millions of dollars in revenue, and the party is just getting started. Before you know it, you'll be coming home to find good ol' Benji blasting bong hits on the couch and raiding the refrigerator!

    In case you haven't caught on yet... Today is April Fool's day. We didn't mean to lead you on, we just couldn't resist ourselves! On a more serious note, I would like to introduce myself to the BlackoutX community. My name is Taylor Wright, and I will be taking over all social media and writing for the company. I am very excited to get the ball rolling on implementing my new ideas I have to offer! Hope everyone is having some good laughs on this wonderful holiday!